New Album Drops October 26th!

A musical venture from Latifah Alattas. New single “Regret” out now. Listen here. Preorder ‘Divorce’ and get “Regret” and “Bang” now.

Also, Moda Spira Podcast Season One is dropping with the new album this October!



Singer, songwriter and producer Latifah Alattas opens her heart and soul with Moda Spira, a project marked by an uncommon emotional honesty and melodies brimming with tenderness. Her intimate vocals are complimented by music that wraps you in its comforting warmth and draws you into the embrace of the heart’s deep core. “In Latin, moda spira means the continual act of breathing,” Alattas says. “I began writing to explore what intimacy means, in all its beautiful and maddening aspects. There are times in relationships that are so intense, you find yourself saying, ‘Just keep breathing!’ Like loving, breathing is something you have to do everyday to feel alive. Moda Spira felt like the perfect title for this project..."

Read full bio here.


Announcing Fall Tour dates with Liz Vice soon!              




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